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  • Albania landscape

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    Our researchers generated a new analysis of Albania's strengths and weaknesses and identified how it can rebound quickly.

  • Hospital entrance with sign announcing "screening checkpoint ahead"

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    In this op-ed, Growth Lab Director Ricardo Hausmann explains why rapid feedback loops are needed to combat COVID-19.

  • 免费高匿代理ip地址

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    Like players in Scrabble, economies possess a set of capabilities – letters – that they can use to produce products – words.

  • Complexity map of the world

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    In the latest update, explore 2018 trade data and reimagined complexity ranking visualizations.

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Led by Ricardo Hausmann, the Growth Lab at Harvard's Center for International Development works to understand the dynamics of growth and to translate those insights into more effective policymaking in developing countries. The Growth Lab places increased economic diversity and complexity at the center of the development story. Learn more about us.

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The Growth Lab's COVID-19 Task Force has been established to support our project counterparts across the globe. We are investing in the capacity to model the pandemic at the national level, explore the macroeconomic and fiscal implications and offer strategic guidance regarding policy decisions on the economic and epidemiological fronts in our collaborator countries. 

As we strategize with counterparts, we will share resources (either generated by our team or externally) for developing countries struggling to navigate the health and economic responses to COVID-19. Explore our Task Force resources.

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Research Agendas

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Economic Complexity & The Product Space


Inclusive Growth

Skills & Human Capital



Video still of a product space map

Migration and Mobility

<In the Fog of War Youtube Videoyoutube arrow


Chiapas team working with constituentsip代理app

Real World Impact


Cities and Regions